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Roney’s Point Insane Asylum

In addition to my wedding and portrait work, I also enjoy urban exploration–walking around old, abandoned buildings and taking photos. I couldn’t resist going to this place once I heard about it. Roney’s Point Insane Asylum in Triadelphia, WV, right outside of Wheeling. My grandparents live really close to this place so over Thanksgiving I decided I was going to make a trip up. I do a yearly photoshoot with my cousins (new blog post will be up soon for that) and my cousin’s husband knew right where the place was. Apparently it’s a pretty popular spot for high school/college kids to go and party. If you are interested in visiting this place here is the address on Google Maps and it is right on Farm County Rd. Be aware that it is private property and there are no trespassing signs all over the place.

Anyways, on to the photos. This is the sign at the start of the road that leads to the place. Pretty much sets the tone. It was really foggy all around the woods, which added to the creep factor. The 2nd photo is the side of the building.

This is a stitched panorama of the front of the building. Not a lot of information is available online but the half of the building that is barely standing was destroyed by fire in 1976. A lot of people died, and supposedly the place is haunted. I didn’t see or hear any strange occurrences while I was there though.

This is the back of the building. You can clearly see the fire damage here. The stairs are how you get inside. The 2nd photo is the upper level (2nd floor).

This is the first floor.

This is in a smaller building outside the main building. I wonder what was inside that warranted that door being so thick.

If you like any of these photos, everything is available as a photographic print on canvas. Send an email to btkphoto@gmail.com

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Ashleigh & Dan: Nov. 6th, 2010

I first met Ashleigh and Dan in 2009, and we took some phenomenal engagement photos in the Short North and Goodale Park.

I think that when you have done at least one shoot with a couple prior to their wedding (engagement photos or otherwise) it makes everyone more comfortable because you know what to expect from each other.

I was very happy when they said they wanted me to shoot their wedding because they were a super cool couple and great to work with. The ceremony was held at St. Charles Academy, in the Mother of Mercy chapel, which is a gorgeous place. We took a few shots in the courtyard before the ceremony.

Is she a beautiful bride or what? After the ceremony we headed to the home of the Buckeyes, “The Shoe,” for a few shots. It was very chilly (40s) but the bridal party were great sports and we got some great shots. We had to do the classic “Heisman stance!”

Here we have the infamous trolley, which had everyone worried because it broke down on the way to pick up the bridal party. I love the reflection in this photo.

The reception was held at Northpointe Conference Center, right off Polaris Parkway.

The DJ definitely was not the best I’d ever seen. The music cut out a few times during the night and one time he left and the music just stopped playing… I was standing right by the computer, and I know a few things about audio, so I made the sure the party kept on bumpin’ :)

I don’t think Ashleigh or Dan were around when this happened, but Dan’s daughter pulled me on the floor to dance because “I didn’t look like I was having much fun,” what a sweetheart :) I hope you guys had a blast on your honeymoon in Key West and like the photos, there are many more to come!

You can also view these photos on flickr by clicking here

Larry and Traci – Child Portraiture Session

A few weeks ago I met Larry and Traci and their 3 girls for a shoot at Goodale Park. We had a lot of fun! The girls were great to work with.

The “jumping shot” always makes for some good facial expressions!

This was my personal favorite of the bunch.

After we were done with the session, we let the girls have an impromptu leaf fight!

This shoot was a blast, and at the perfect time of the year, look at all those beautiful fall colors that we caught at Goodale Park.

Christy – Headshots Session

This was a cool session. We started out at Christy’s house and took some of your typical “headshot” type photos in front of the fireplace in her office.


Then came the fun part. We went to an old, abandoned place right down the street from where she lives in Olde Town East. This building, which is now in ruins, once housed streetcars and is known throughout the neighborhood as the “Streetcar Barn.”




We couldn’t resist taking a few shots in front of some very technical math graffiti on the wall.

We definitely got some great photos and I’m glad Christy was adventurous enough to take me to this place, because it is a sweet location, as you can see from the shots we got!